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[Translation] Articles from HMV Japan

★ Perfectly the KPOP’s new Flag men, SHINee! ,
Visit to Japan & Live Report!

On April 24, SHINee visited Japan for the event called “New Generation – Live in YOKOHAMA-" that was held in Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall. The interview has been a success of good looking SHINee!

Literally, Kpop’s new generation is young, energetic and fresh that made the event successful. One word, SHINee’s stage performance was “great”.

SHINee is willing to have an interview while busy with the live event, they are all good young mens!

We asked what type of music they like, also their future activities so please look forward to it!

HMV: I beg your cooperation!
SHINee: I beg your cooperation too~! (In Japanese)

HMV: You came here to Japan for the event; is it your first time in Yokohama?
Jonghyun: Yes, it’s our first time.

HMV: Last year you went to Sapporo for the Snow festival and Fukuoka, before that it was Osaka and you went to many places, what’s the most impressive place that you went?
SHINee: We hold fan meetings and went to many places in Japan but the snows in Sapporo were great.

HMV: If I remember rightly, I saw you were blowing by the strong wind (laughs)
SHINee: It was so cold outside so we see the scenery inside of our hotel! (Laughs)

HMV: Right away, let’s talk about music. “Ring Ding Dong” was a hot topic because of its new beat. Also, there’s a feeling of sick visual concept of SHINee’s new side. What do you think?
Jonghyun: I want to show heavy music, manly feeling unlike our “Juliette” days. From all of our albums, I think this album made us change a lot, besides music we challenge to show our different sides. I heard from other people that we became a man.

HMV: It’s been 2 years passed since you debut, do you realize how you matured?
Onew: I think we became more calm and confident as well as enjoying while performing because we go to the stages many times.
Jonghyun: I felt that we became more mature because the audience’s reactions were bigger.

HMV: You have a lot of fans and many fans are gaining so please increase your activities here in Japan!
SHINee: We’ll do our best! (Laughs)

HMV: By the way, your outfits in “Jo Jo” were colorful. After “Ring Ding Dong” activities, you performed suddenly but the period of practice time were short. You had a hard time isn’t it?
Minho: If I remember rightly, the period of practice time were short. After the promotion for “Ring Ding Dong”, we started the promotion for “Jo Jo” so I remember that we really had a hard time memorizing the choreography and didn’t have much time to practice. If I think that fans are waiting for our new songs, I always say to myself to always do my best. So we did our best, practice to show great stage. “Jo Jo” is different from “Ring Ding Dong” so we are also exited.

HMV: I’m excited for your comeback new album!
Minho: We are preparing for our album as hard as we could so please look forward to it!

HMV: As a group, the center of music is dance pop but as private, what genres do you usually listen?
Minho: I’m pop and Hip-Hop.
Onew: I like R&B, Pop and Jazz.
HMV: What? Jazz? That is unexpected~…
Onew: (Big Smile) I’m lying! The first was a joke~ no, it’s real~ I like jazz so I usually listen ^^
Jonghyun: I’m Punk and Dance.
Taemin: I don’t care about genres but I like K-Pop, New age, and I usually listen to J-Pop.
Key: I listen to Pop, electronic, Dance and J-pop.

HMV: At the present, everyone is guests in variety shows and musicals, doing a lot of activities besides music…Which is more enjoyable?
Onew: Besides music, we have variety shows and musicals, we are doing our best in our solo activities, and it’s our first time to challenge everything so while we’re doing this we learned a lot as well as enjoying it. But, if you ask me what is more enjoyable, of course as an artist…our occupation is an artist (laughs)

HMV: I’m sorry for the strange question. In fact, I love “Hello Baby”
SHINee: Oh-! Thank you so much!

HMV: Year 2009 was really a great year for the Kpop world; we even feel the craze here in Japan. Continuously this 2010, HMV are be in effect of the campaign of Korean music, what do you think of this situation?
Key: We are so glad that Korean music is a craze here in Japan. On the other hand, I think that it’s so amazing that it has cultural exchanges between Japan and Korea.

HMV: In our store, if we line up SHINee’s goods at the very moment, I saw Young women buying it and I thought “As might have been expected, it’s SHINee!”
SHINee: Thank you so much!

HMV: Can you tell us your future activities?
Onew: We are doing our best of the production of the album as well as acting and variety programs. Also, I would like to do my best in musical solo activities so please support us!
HMV: We’re so exited! I’m looking forward to it! Thank you!

♪ "New Generation-Live in YOKOHAMA-" Event Report!
YOKOHAMA waved! Kpop’s new flag men, SHINee’s Hot Stage!

The leading stars, SHINee appeared!
Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun, Minho and Key are wearing unification black jacket and white shirts, their outfits are little chic that are lovely~!

They sang “Noona, you’re so pretty”, “Love like Oxygen” enthusiastically, on the way of the talk and interview time, each of the members forehead are shining with sweats like “morning dew”, so fresh~! (Laughs)

After that, they sang a medley of their hit songs like everyone’s favorite “Juliette” and “Jo Jo” that made the fans fall down and knock out!

Heartless and time had passed, SHINee oppa’s who are waving from the stage say bye and…saranghae~!

But! The fans are not yet coming back! “Who are going to come back without hearing “Ring Ding Dong”?”

And then, for the second time SHINee came back to the stage, as expected the encore was “Ring Ding Dong”! The fans are rising!

In an instant it was about 1 and a half hours, a dense of 1 and a half hours~!

SHINee, we love you~! K-pop, Manse-!

Source: HMV Japan share

Translation credits : winkme @ soompi shinee thread


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