Thursday, July 8, 2010

[News] SHINee’s Minho injured during Dream Team Season 2 filming again

SHINee’s very own Minho who just released his new concept photo is now headed for the emergency room.

The idol was taken to a general hospital in Seoul on the 8th around 1PM due to major pain in his calves (bottom area of leg) while filming for KBS’s Dream Team Season 2.

Production officials stated in an interview, “From the morning, Minho wasn’t in a good condition. After filming a scene where Minho had to come down a water slide, he fell and had major pains, and thus was sent to the hospital for treatment. He was filming for the pre-game, and will be absent from this specific game.”

There’s no fancam of the actual incident yet. But you can see the water slide here.

This is the second time that he injured himself in Dream Team. Let's all hope Minho will have a speedy recovery because the boys are having their comeback next week!

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Credits: nate, allkpop

Video credits: yubikirichan @ youtube

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