Thursday, October 13, 2011

Preorder Onewstyle 2012 Calendar

Desk calenders : lengthwise size 150 x 230mm / within 16p / All Color / new photos included
Wall calenders : lengthwise size 297 x 420mm / within 16p / All Color / new photos included

- Desk calenders and wall calenders are not sold separately.
- 1 set includes a desk and a wall calender.
- Each month has all different pictures.

Delivery will be in the middle of November (subject to change)

Free Gifts
// for everyone
Electromagnetic wave shielding sticker / Hand towel (to be announced)

// for overseas fans
MINI DVD (all new videos)

- The MINI DVD has the track list the same as ONEWSTYLE DVDs in 2011.
- Free gifts can be subject to change depend on availability, and changes will be announced immediately.

Price: S$45


  1. does this mean you are consolidating orders for Onewstyle calendar? when is the deadline?

  2. How do i confirm my order and payment? Thanks so much for the initiative.

  3. I found tidbits of OnTaeKey fanaccounts in Spain so I wanted to organize them and share here in case you wish to post it.
    1. They’re definitely in Spain for a series of photoshoots: (a) a Korean girl has seen them on the beach shooting, Sept 12?(source: Just for Onew), (b) shooting at Ciutadella Park (source: fancam from Catilaura92), Sept 15? –> Excited to see the photos of OnTaeKey. I wonder for which magazine and designer/label.
    2. They’ve definitely done fun things too: (a) OnTae at the Barca-Ac Milan match, Sept 12? (source: coordi-noonas tweet), (b) lots of shopping FAs,(c) sightseeing accounts too e.g. Las 3 Chimeas on Sept 15
    3. Rumours of going to Madrid Fashion Week (Sept 16-20) – no one knows yet if they have left Barcelona or not.