Wednesday, May 18, 2011

[Translation] Key & Minho Me2day Updates 110517

[민호] 어제 성년의 날 축하해 주신 여러분 감사해요~ ^^ 함께 성년의 날을 맞이한 친구들도 화이팅! ㅋ

Translation [Minho] Yesterday was ‘Coming of Age’ day, so congratulations to everyone and thanks~ ^^ Together with my friends who celebrated ‘Coming of Age’ day, hwaiting! ㅋ

[Key] 성년이 되었습니다!! 좋은 선물 챙겨 주셔서 감사합니다 캬캬… 진짜 어른 돼야징~ :-)

Translation [Key] Became an adult!! Packed the good gifts, thanks. Kyakya… I really became an adult~ :-)

Credits: SHINee's Me2day

English Translation Credits: @ AA-CHAN

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